Monday, April 28, 2008

No kidding - this is a true story!

"In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us."
Romans 8:37

This past Wed. I spoke to an AWESOME M.O.P.S group (Mother's of Preschoolers). And, I used one of my favorite messages. The bottom line of the message is - We need to spend time alone with God daily. It was easy to direct that to group of preschool moms because out of all the people on the planet they are the ones least likely to EVER be alone. I mean come on, they even have little people follow them into the bathroom!! Talking about no privacy! Thus, the calling of a mom with young kids:)

I also talked about BUSYNESS, feeling pressure to be Super Mom and told them this personal story about how having to much on your plate can really catch up with you!!

I have two girls, my 2nd grade daughter, Savannah who attends Madison Creek and a 6 year old daughter, Cassidy who was in a pre-K class at Gene Brown Elementary.

So two girls, two separate schools, but in the same county. And – every year the schools have a county wide drug free week called Red Ribbon Week. And during the course of this week the kids get to wear something different and fun each day (like silly unmatched socks, sunglasses and so on.).

So – I receive my two notes from each school explaining the week’s dress code. Some days the girls dress the same and some days are different. You guys know where this is headed I’m sure!
Ok – it had been an unusual week and I had been doing a pretty good balancing act until Thursday. That’s when Cassidy (my younger daughter) and then my baby boy came down with a stomach bug at the same time!! I’m rushing around on Thursday knowing that it’s going to be a long night. I’m getting as much prepared for Friday as I can. And, I look at the paper telling me what Savannah is to wear on Friday and it’s called “Wacky Tacky Day”. Which means, you are to purposefully not match any of your clothes. The crazier and more mismatched the better.

Well, I yell upstairs to Savannah so she can help me by finding her own clothes -- and she has a blast in her closet finding the coolest mismatched outfit she can find for the next day. Stuff like that is really up her ally. She has a red sock, a blue sock, a green paisley skirt, an orange shirt and has laid out some eccentric hair accessories.

I was right. Thursday night was horrible. I’ve had 0 sleep and I’m driving Savannah to school in a daze and as she gets out of the car --- I think, “Uuh – That’s strange. Not many people dressed up today.” and I’m off!

And it was not until oh – 15 min. before Savannah was to get off the bus that afternoon, while I was disinfecting our kitchen – I really stopped and looked at the Red Ribbon Week schedule posted on my fridge and I could have died!! You guessed it. It was not “Wacky Tacky Day” at Savannah’s school. It was sports apparel day. “Wacky Tacky Day” was at Cassidy’s school, but she was sick so didn’t go to school that day. And, to make things worse for Savannah --- they had an assembly in the gym for the entire school K-5th grade. And she was the line leader for her grade and had to walk in front of everyone around their gymnasium.

It was an honest mistake, but one that was made because I was overwhelmed, rushed, frustrated and didn’t even slow down enough to read the correct sheet of paper posted right on my refrigerator.

Now, I could maybe get away with saying I had sick babies and that could happen to anyone (trying to make myself feel better). But, the truth of the matter is my calendar of craziness the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before my babies were sick on Thursday was the root of the problem. Because I had so many things crammed in to my schedule for the entire week – when the unexpected happened – the bottom fell out!

AND after this weeks talk and this fabulous reminder ---- I DID IT AGAIN!!!! This morning, Savannah is all dressed up this time. She's in gold dress shoes, a skirt and blouse matching accessories and as we pull in the parking lot she says - "Mom, I'm supposed to have on my class T-shirt and tennis shoes! We are running a marathon today!!!"

God keeps me around for entertainment I'm sure of it!!! How is it that one person can be so scattered yet try so hard to not be!!

Once again, I realize my need not just for HIM daily, but moment by moment!! "God, through you - who loves me so much - that is the only way I will ever the able to conquer my daily schedule! I'm so thankful that You have not given up on me yet!!! Amen!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

FYI Parents of kids in public schools

Please go to and read what the next homosexual activism has planned.

This is an event for April 25, 2008. The Nashville area schools that plan to participate are:


There is information on how to become proactive. It is time for Christians to Speak Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE look in your area - I know people all across the States read this, find out what schools in your area will be participating.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Disney Pics

You can't take a trip to Disney without spending time with Mickey!

OK - I really do try to watch my spending on souvenirs while on vacation, but who could pass up these Mickey Mouse shades!! What a cutie:)

The girls LOVE Mulan. This was a rare treat! She is not around the park often, so to see her was extra special.

Savannah has been over the "Princess" thing for a few years now, but for some reason was fascinated by Cinderella. So much so that she is already declaring that she wants to dress up like Cinderella for the church Harvest Party in October!

Yes - my kids either have on matching clothes OR the same color scheme most days - BUT, especially while on vacation!!! By the way, we celebrated Cassidy's 6th B-day while we were down there (thus the cupcake shirt). The park gave her a special button to wear so all the characters were quick to wish her a Happy Birthday.

We were just at Disney in October (if you are planning a trip - ask me anything! I feel like it's our second home!!) and we didn't make it to Sea World. We went this time and it was great! Did you know they have one of the best roller coasters in the world??? Who knew!

Cassidy's favorite ride, Splash Mountain, was at Magic Kingdom. The kids rode it 1,000 times (or so it seemed!). The last time they took a spin, I sat out with Jamison. While I was waiting - I met Bret Favre's wife!!! No kidding! Evidently, good ol' Bret was just a few logs back behind Russ and the rest of the family. She was sweet as she could be!!

One of our favorite rides (including Savannah who is just 8!) is Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. It's a roller coaster that goes forwards, backwards and upside down! You've got to try it!!

Since it was Spring Break for the entire USA the week we were there (crowds were insane!), we took advantage of the Extra Magic Hours which means we could stay at the park until 1:00AM. Most people are not that crazy - so the park was no where near as crowded during that time. We are a family of night owls so it worked for us! The kids would sleep till 10AM and we would go back to the park after lunch. They feel asleep nearly every night on the bus back to the hotel.

Here are some grumpy kids -- not ready to go home! We were leaving MGM/Universal Studios to hit the road for the 12 hour trip home:(

What's been the hold up?

"I will put My Spirit into your children; My blessings will be like a stream of water flowing over your family. One will say, 'I belong to the Lord,' another will write on his hand, 'The Lord's'."
Isaiah 44: 3, 5

Oh how I LOVE that verse. I have it written on a tile (you have to see it to make sense - it's a small tile like you would have on your kitchen back splash and the Is. 44 verse on it --- a crafty friend made it!). Anyway, the tile is on a stand and it's in the center of all my kids photo's on a table at the entrance of my house.

I look and see that it's been a month since I last blogged! YIKES!!! I have two reasons 1) no computer and 2) KIDS! We spent 8 days in Disney (which you will see more than you ever wanted to in just a minute!) and they have consumed me more than normal. And, they have shared many funny and thought provoking stories that I'm sure will wind up in a future blog or speaking engagement.

So, since my time is brief - I wanted to just post some pics for family and friends of our recent trip. Those of you who really have missed me - THANK YOU! Your e-mails have been so encouraging to me and I REALLY want to get back to this devotional/blog thing. So - say a prayer that I will be able to get a new computer soon. It's going to cost as much to fix the old as to buy a new one. AND - after this trip to Disney, I just don't have hundreds of dollars stashed under my pillow!

ENJOY the Disney pics on the next post:)