Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Earthly Knowledge and Godly Wisdom

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise." Psalm 111:10

Yes - I've taken yet another LONG blogging break. And - AGAIN, much to my personal dismay. Since I've helped in starting Speaking Thru Me Ministries, I have managed to go through two, yes two laptops. My ministry partner was so gracious to help me out in getting my last one (just a few months ago) and somehow I've managed to do something to it that only I could do!!! So - I've been computer less AGAIN. Please pray that that will change ASAP! I need to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - very quickly before hubby needs this computer to get back to work!

Sometimes for my alone time with God - if I'm in between Bible Study's, I will turn to the book of Psalms. I usually look at the date or time and then turn to a passage in Psalms that relates. For example, the girls started school on August, 11. So, I decided to turn to Psalms 11 and 111. That morning the above verse really spoke to me.

You see, here I was sending off my girls (Cassidy for the first time! She just started Kindergarten.) to gain all of this earthly knowledge and wisdom so that they can "make it in this world". With Cassidy's anxiety and depression I was VERY nervous wondering, "Will she be able to learn??" And, with Savannah - I was also rather stressed because I have always heard how hard 3rd grade can be. She can put a lot of pressure on herself for a kid - she wants to be the best at EVERYTHING and I could see us having many meltdowns over multiplication and cursive writing (new skills for a third grader!).

But God's Word, as ALWAYS, is so faithful. What a wonderful reminder I needed that morning that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, ALL who follow his precepts have GOOD UNDERSTANDING."

Yes - earthly knowledge is important and I'm not some nut that's going to pull my kids of out school because they are learning "earthly concepts", but boy! What a great way to look at things --- we could have all the knowledge in this world, but what does that matter? Yes, I want my kids to do their best in school - but is that all that's important? How are your kids, as young as they may be, understanding Goldy precepts? Are you teaching them Godly precepts? Is earthly knowledge, A's & B's, more important in your family than learning the ways of God?

I remember when Savannah was a baby having the make myself say, "Look at the trees God made." It seemed so weird to be honest! It was like Satan didn't even want me to get the words out! I mean, here I am with a newborn talking out loud about God and His creation!! However, I praise Him that over time it did get easier.

If this is a new concept to you, I encourage you to just start small. It will be weird, no doubt about it. But as you continue to share the things of God with your child(ren), you will see not just them - but you too - grow in understanding if His precepts!

Here's the first day of school. How do you like those pearls???